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Soup Please

The pain people talk about in removing wisdom teeth is not overhyped at all. I lay like a vegetable in my bed after getting my teeth pulled when my mom comes in with some soup. Quietly she spoon feeds me, the way she once did when I was a toddler. Can’t help but weep and it’s hard to stop. 

The Same but Different

Same outfit, different flavor.



"You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering."

- Ernest Hemingway (via absea)

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Happy New Years!!! 🍸😘🌟 #nye #nyc

Merry Christmas with PB and Banana Sandwiches

Hey guys, Merry Christmas.

This year was my first Christmas away from my family. Since I just started working, I haven’t saved enough vacation days to go home, so I decided to make the most of my Christmas here in New York with my best friend.

I can’t believe how quiet the city gets during Christmas, it was a nice change of pace, but also eerie, like a scene from the day after an apocalypse in a movie. 

Going off the theme of, “the day of giving,” my friend and I planned a “Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich Project” to feed as many homeless people we could find on the street. When one actively is on the lookout for homeless people, it’s a lot harder, but nonetheless it was a great success. 

Living in New York, with all the crazy diet options, coming up with what type of sandwich to distribute was an amusing conversation:

"Let’s do peanut butter and banana."

"What if people have nut allergies?"

"Then egg and cheese"

"What if they are lactose intolerant"

"Then what about egg and ham"

"What if they are vegetarian"

"…Or gluten allergy"

Hope the rest of you guys have a great holiday. 

Merry Christmas form Betsy and Joyce.



Change is coming.

this is the best picture on tumblr 

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Happy Halloweekend everyone! 🐰🎃👻 #halloweekend