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Brooklyn Fun

#bastapasta #yellowtail #crudo (at Basta Pasta)

Breakfast by yours truly #saturday #brunch #smokedsalmonavocadotoast #poachedegg (at tu casa)

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ddal babo


Beautiful it was on the eleventh of May.

At Bryant Park, many New Yorkers came out to play.

But it was more than just a sunny sunny day—

For there was a blossoming romance at the dock of the bay.


Wiggling her toes, B was basking in the sun,

When young M decided he wanted to join in on the fun,

And soon enough charming M had B won.

When it came time to part M asked for her number,

But in a rush to leave, B entered a blunder.


Short and tragic this story would have been,

But do not fear, as this is when serendipity kicked in.

Enjoying a cocktail at Park on a Saturday night,

The two both locked eyes again, and B’s heart took flight.


Mini golf is what they played on their first date,

Mercer Kitchen in Soho is where they first ate,

Followed by a stroll through W4th—and then it was already late.

Jazz playing, people dancing, B thought, this cinematic moment was worth the wait.

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Red Lips Don’t Care

Floral Almost-Friday 💐#flowerdistrict #roses #color (at Flower District 28th Street)